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Jacquelyn Taylor

Last modified: Wed, 12/16/2020 - 11:10

Mentorship Information

Contact Information

Name: Jacquelyn Taylor

Institutional Affiliation: Columbia University


Contact Phone: 734-546-8115

Mailing Address: Columbia University School of Nursing 560 W 168th Street, Room 605 New York, NY 10032

Mentorship Details

Research Focus: Omics, EWAS, GWAS, WES, Social Determinants of Health, gene-environment and DNAm-environment interactions on cardiovascular outcomes such as blood pressure, obesity, metabolic syndrome. Minority populations. African Americans

Grants Funded: R01 PECASE P20

Research Summary: Multi-Omics and Social Factors on Blood Pressure in Minority Populations

Mentorship Interest: Postdoctoral fellow with a background in cardiovascular genetic epidemiology

Mentor Website: