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Kelley Baumgartel

Last modified: Wed, 12/16/2020 - 11:10

Mentorship Information

Contact Information

Name: Kelley Baumgartel

Institutional Affiliation: Duquesne University


Contact Phone: 4125238731

Mailing Address: 711 Forbes Ave 517 Fisher Hall Pittsburgh, PA 15208

Mentorship Details

Research Focus: Human milk, milk banking, donor milk, genomics, prematurity

Grants Funded: Faculty Development Fund “Milk macronutrients and association with neonatal outcomes”, 2019, Duquesne University F32 NIH/NINR “Maternal sleep and subsequent breast milk volume and Microbiota”, 2018, University of Pittsburgh AWHONN/March of Dimes, “Maternal Sleep and Subsequent Breast Milk Volumes”, 2018

Research Summary: Maternal molecular impact on human milk composition and subsequent breast milk profiles. I am especially interested in modifiable maternal factors that may optimize milk.

Mentor Website: