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Yvette Conley

Last modified: Wed, 12/16/2020 - 11:10

Mentorship Information

Contact Information

Name: Yvette Conley

Institutional Affiliation: University of Pittsburgh


Contact Phone: 412-383-7641

Mailing Address: University of Pittsburgh 3500 Victoria Street 440 Victoria Building Pittsburgh, PA 15261

Mentorship Details

Research Focus: Using omics approaches to understanding patient outcomes after traumatic brain injury, subarachnoid hemorrhage, and within the context of cancer and cancer treatments.

Grants Funded: T32NR009759 Targeted Research and Academic Training for Nurses in Genomics R01CA221882 Epigenomics of Neurocognitive Function in Breast Cancer R01NR013610 Epigenomics of Patient Outcomes after Aneurysmal SAH R21NR015142 Epigenomics of Patient Outcomes after Traumatic Brain Injury R01NR013342 Genomic Variability and Symptomatology After Traumatic Brain Injury. R01NR008424 Mitochondrial Genetics of Recovery after Brain Injury. R01NR004801 The Effect of APO on Outcomes in TBI Adults

Mentorship Interest: Undergraduate, Predoctoral, Postdoctoral, faculty of all levels

Mentor Website: