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Neurologically normal repository

Last modified: Wed, 12/16/2020 - 11:11

Neurologically normal repository

Project Data

Contact Information

Main Point of Contact:

First Name: Ansley

Last Name: Stanfill

Credentials: PhD, RN, FAAN

Institutional Affiliation: University of Tennessee Health Science Center


Contact Phone: (901)448-1176

Mailing Address:
920 Madison Ave #543
Memphis, TN 38163

Study Information

Origin of Samples/Data: Human samples and/or data

Study Description: This repository is used as a normal control group for my studies in neurological injury and disease.

Additional Information

Data Information

Omic Data Available: No

Clinical and/or other data available?: Yes

Demographic information: May be shared pending individual request and approved material transfer agreement

Phenotype(s): Deep phenotyping on clinical neurofunctional status, DANA, MACE, SCAT-5, Neuro-QoL, TMT A/B, RBANS

Sample Information

Samples available for prospective analysis: Yes

Whole Blood: Yes

Saliva: No

Serum: Yes

Other Tissue: No

Extracted DNA: No

Extracted RNA: No

Other Extracted Biological Material: No

Approximate Number of Samples: 100

Additional Information: Data are available across 2 timepoints, 1 week apart